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REAL NAME: tatiana petrova (former levkov)
NICKNAME: tia, tatia
REAL AGE: 1000+
BODY AGE: young adult
BIRTH DATE: unknown
ZODIAC: probably a cancer
BIRTH PLACE: bulgaria
GENDER: cis-female
SPECIES: witch (former) original vampire
OCCUPATION: unemployed
PARENTS: teodora ivanov ( mother, deceased † ) and nikolay petrov ( father, deceased † )
SIBLINGS: mariya petrov ( younger sister, deceased † )
SIGNIFICANT OTHERS: dobromir levkov ( husband, deceased † )
CHILDREN: unnamed son ( deceased † )
FACE CLAIM: nina dobrev
EYE COLOR: almond
HAIR STYLE: long, beach waves
HEIGHT: 169cm

PIERCINGS: both her ears are pierced
NOTABLE PHYSICAL TRAITS: the way tatia walks, it’s like she is walking on clouds. she also wears this very notable necklace
MORAL ALIGNMENT: neutral good
LIKES: watching the fire in a fireplace, reading books
DISLIKES: rainy days
DISPOSITION: bisexual (no preferance)
PERSONALITY TYPE: ISFP. people with the adventurer personality type are relaxed and warm, and their 'live and let live' attitude naturally makes them likable and popular
POSITIVE TRAITS: gentle, sensitive, nurturing, helpful, flexible, realistic
NEGATIVE TRAITS: impulsive, naive, reckless, paranoid
POWERS: super strength, super speed, immortal, super agility, super senses, invulnerability, regeneration, super stamina, stealth
WEAKNESSES: sunlight, vervain, magic, white oak

tatiana is born into a family where the females turned out to be powerful witches. she had inherited this gift from her mother’s side of the family, all of her female ancestors were, just like her, witches. teodora ivanov was a very powerful witch and people told stories about her, how she once saved many, many lives. tatia and her sister grew up, practicing magic. they needed to learn everything their mother told them to, because the family witch line needed to be strong. soon they discovered tatia’s younger sister, mariya, was not as strong as tatia was. so their mother decided to only focus upon tatia and her great power. that was the moment the petrova family fell apart. their family saw tatia as the ‘next great witch’ and they saw mariya as a failure.when you carry the name as ‘the next great witch’, you have to live up to the expectations. but tatia didn’t want to become great and powerful, all she wanted was to live peacefully and hopefully a long life. she knew mariya wanted to be great and powerful, so she asked her mother if her sister could take her place. asking something like this was a disgrace to the family, the witches only wanted power and that’s what tatia could give them. that night, tatia ran from home. hoping she would soon start a new and peaceful life.
tatia found a small village, somewhere in bulgaria. she quickly fell in love with a man named dobromir levkov, the original doppelganger of silas, the great viking hero of the village. they soon got married and tatia eventually became pregnant.
however, dobromir ultimately died in battle. tatia was still pregnant with their first child, but she lost the baby soon after she heard the news about dobromir. tatia is not like all vikings widows, she didn’t decide to live the rest of her life with sadness, she decided to live and threw herself in there.
it was the same night she’d met the mikaelson family. it was a familiar name, because tatia knew they also lived in the same village as she did. they took her in, esther also helped tatia give birth to her dead child. tatia stayed with the mikaelson family and started loving them like they were her own family.

she’d grown feelings for the two mikaelson brothers over the years. but a woman can not be with two different men, it’s forbidden and you would pay with your life. ultimately tatia fell in love with elijah and she chose him over his younger half-brother. tatia asked herself many of times if she’d chosen right. she was wondering if she’d chosen niklaus, this all wouldn’t happen.
soon after tatia had chosen elijah, esther came and asked tatia for a favor. now, as a witch, tatia knew blood was sometimes necessary. but if tatia knew what kind of spell esther was working on, she would have never given it. esther tricked her into the spell, telling tatia it was only for a spell to bind the love between her and elijah. she did believe her, because there was not a single moment tatia would think esther was capable of something like that. tatia didn’t know about the spell, until she met elijah a few days later. she then realised what kind of spell esther used and that she, as a doppelganger, is the way to the vampire curse.
if there was one thing tatia regretted, was using her magic against the love of her life. but elijah was planning on attacking her, because of the wound she had on her leg. tatia got scared and fled, she didn’t want to be a part of such a horrible deed. but her life was at risk, esther would not rest until she had the rest of tatia’s blood. she didn’t want people to make a cure out of her blood. esther wanted her dead, she’d been feeding the pig for the slaughter, by taking tatia inside her family.
tatia had to make sure they weren’t able to use her blood for magic, so she changed herself into a vampire as well. knowing she had lost all of her magical powers, but she knew her blood wasn’t dangerous anymore. she’d been hiding from the mikaelson family since that very day.


tatia is born grisha, she has the ability to manipulate the wind by raising or lowering air pressure. tatia's parents and younger sister aren't grisha, so they sold tatia as a slave when she was only eight years old. at the age of ten, tatia's master brought tatia to duke keramsov's orphanage. there she met alina and mal, they weren’t friends but acted friendly to each other. tatia joined the second army as a squaller, a grisha of the etherealki order, when she was a teenager. when she found out alina is a sun summoner, tatia sworn her to protect her at any cost. even though that means her relationship with aleksander will be ruined.


instead of chosing elijah, tatia decided to confess her love to the other mikaelson brother; niklaus. her feelings for klaus became stronger each time she'd spend time with him. she saw elijah more like a big brother, not as a lover. the passion between klaus and tatia was heated, dangerous. it was something what attracted tatia. as a human girl, she was always looking for danger, something to make her life less boring. klaus gave her that feeling and that's why she had choosen him. the story further didn't change, esther also asked tatia for her blood and made the vampire curse. it didn't matter if she'd choosen elijah.


tatia came with her family to london to find a right suitor for tatia and her younger sister. though, tatia isn't really looking for someone, because she just got her heart broken by a male back in bulgaria. her parents are forcing her into marriage, but tatia refuses. she still believes the one who broke her heart is her one true love and she feels like she's betraying him. tatia knows deep down he isn't the one for her, but she also doesn't want to find love in london. which means she has to stay there. tatia doesn't see london as her home, but bulgaria. but she knows she has to marry a man someday. it is a battle between heart and head for tatia.